Dooly Ski-Doo (9600) Woody's Carbides

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Woody'sSKU: DS4-9600-1

Carbide Length: 4.0"
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Woody's Dooly Carbides

Sold Individually (Quantity of 2 must be ordered for a pair)

  • Each of these dual carbide runners have two single runners mounted to a steel plate, producing a total of four contact lines on the terrain.
  • These four blades with 60° carbide drastically reduce darting as they carve through existing grooves from single runners.
  • This design spreads the PSI across two points, which extends the life of the runner and eases steering.
  • When turning, only one blade per dual runner will contact the terrain, acting like a pair of single runners.
  • Superior quality, construction, performance, safety and reduced expense due to long service life - the Woodys guarantee

Note: Some models require drilling extra holes in ski.

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