Epic 280 (15x156x2.8") Camso Snowmobile Track, 9408M

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Epic 280

The Camso Epic 280 sets a new standard in deep snow mountain riding with its unique deep cup-shaped lug design. Its balanced 6-pitch lug sequence provides more track speed in deep powder and excellent flotation on the most challenging conditions. Turn your mountain adventure into an Epic ride.

  • Balanced track profile with a six-pitch lug sequence for optimized track speed, reduced vibration and improved handling in deep snow
  • Stiffer columns improve packed snow grip, riding agility and braking
  • Deeper cupped lugs drive snow into their centers, extracting traction, flotation and all-out deep snow performance


  • Double-ply construction
  • 15 x 156 x 2.8"
  • 45.0 lbs
  • 3.00" Drive pitch
  • Clipped every 2nd, all windows open

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