Hurricane 175 (15x120x1.75") Camso Snowmobile Track, 9400C

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Hurricane 175

Inspired by mountain track lug geometry, the Hurricane 175 is the perfect balance between deep snow technology and trail-gripped adrenaline. Its 1.75-inch cupped profile design will take you deeper into the backcountry and out again.

  • Designed based on mountain tracks, it provides off-trail performance in deep snow while maintaining on-trail agility
  • 1.75-inch tall lug profile design reduces vibration, applying more power to the ground both on and off trail
  • Optimal column positioning for better track efficiency and enhanced traction in deep-powder snow while ensuring durability in all conditions


  • Double-ply construction
  • 15 x 120 x 1.75"
  • 35.0 lbs
  • 2.86" Drive pitch
  • Fully clipped

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