RipSaw II 1.5 (15x137x1.5") Camso Snowmobile Track, 9306C

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RipSaw II 1.5

The RipSaw II, known for its versatility in all snow types, is taken to another level. Now boasting a 1.5-inch lug height, it's the track for the most demanding 50/50 rider.

  • Sharp angled lugs provide excellent bite on hard-pack snow
  • Cupped center and full outer lugs provide traction on loose, less compacted snow
  • Tapered outside lug edges offer less side bite when cornering


  • Double-ply construction
  • 15 x 137 x 1.5"
  • 42.0 lbs
  • 2.86" Drive pitch
  • Fully-clipped

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